Not everyone has time to clean their house. Maybe you feel like there is more work to keeping your home tidy than you can manage or you would simply prefer to have professionals do it to get the best results. Whatever the reason, we're the ones to call for residential cleaning services if you're in Calgary.

The Diamond Cleaning team is trained and skilled at cleaning in a variety of environments. We know how to get rid of allergens & other pollutants to make your home more breathable (and we all know how dry the air in Calgary can be). We don’t just get rid of the obvious dirt and stains, but also the invisible and hard-to-see particles that can make you feel unwell and make your residence unpleasant to live in.

Our team is able to handle Calgary houses of any type & size. For larger houses, we send more maids to get the job done on time and with great results. We want you to be happy with the way your house looks, so if there is something custom we'll consult with you first about what kind of work you want done and how you want your home cleaned.

Your house should be a place that you feel comfortable. You should not have to worry about opening a cupboard and finding a mess or looking behind an appliance and discovering an awful smell. We offer cleaning services all throughout Calgary that are very thorough. We get into every nook and cranny so you don’t have to.

If you have pets or children, we will use cleaning products that are appropriate for them. We won’t leave behind residue that will be harmful for anyone living in or using the house. We also make sure our cleaning team uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, to protect the earth and reduce our impact on the environment. All tools we employ are suitable for both commercial, as well as residential use.

We can come for single one-off residential cleaning or come back on a regular schedule to do repeat cleanings for you like a janitorial service. We will work with your schedule and come when it is most convenient for you. You can leave a key with us and allow us to clean while you are out or stay on site to monitor our work - whatever works.

Every cleaning includes the following: Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Basements, Home Offices, Window Cleaning and more!

All our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning is done using industrial grade machines.

For really thorough and in depth cleaning, please consider our move in move out cleaning service.

Check out our brand new airbnb cleaning service for your airbnb guests!

Need your air ducts and/or furnace cleaned? Go to our furnace cleaning service now.

If you want to do the cleaning yourself then we have some great tips on our blog, otherwise check out all the services we offer!

Call us at (587) 323-8513 to have a cleaner house. We will be happy to answer any questions and provide free quotes on our Calgary cleaning services.




If you have ever looked at a list of cleaning services for Calgary, you probably never made it all the way through the list. What we are saying is that there are a lot of options, and you may have some trouble sorting out the good cleaning services from the less desirable ones. You can’t go by the advertising, because that can simply be a lot of puffery not backed up by reviews and results.

There are ways to find the best cleaning service in the city for your needs, but you’ll have to do a bit of work. Here are our top tips to help you find the right cleaning service for you.

Know What You Need

Not all cleaning services offer the same options. Some of them won’t do laundry or do any kind of exterior cleaning. You have to know what you want before you can start comparing the different companies out there. Make a list of all the things you want the cleaning service to do before you start to contact anyone or even look up a list of companies. You may want to walk through your house and on the outside of your house as you make your list to ensure that you don’t forget anything. On the list should be every separate type of cleaning you need to have done. Dusting, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping all need separate places on the list, because they are typically considered separate services.

Read Some Reviews

Now you can start looking at the different companies out there that offer Calgary cleaning services. Pay attention to what kind of services they provide and if they clean domestic or commercial locations or both. You don’t want to bother looking into the rates just yet. Instead, focus on customer reviews for the various companies. You can use review aggregate sites like Yelp and Angie’s List to get third-party reviews. If you go to the contractor’s site, you may just find a lot of positive reviews that don’t accurately reflect the whole picture. You are looking for as unbiased reviews as you can find, and you’ll have to pay attention to the language of the reviewers to see if they are being emotional or unreasonable or if they are writing in a level-headed way. If there are lots of positive reviews and only a couple of dissenting, negative reviews, then you can probably disregard the negative ones, but pay attention to the dates they were written. If the negative ones are all recent, then it’s possible the the company is in a quality slump and may not give you the kind of service you want.

The reason we stress reviews over price is that it is tempting to go for the cheaper cleaning services, but if you do that, then you may disregard negative reviews that could tell you whether you are wasting your money or not.

Compare Rates

Now that you know what kind of service you are likely to get from some of the available Calgary cleaning companies, you can take a few of the better reviewed ones and get some quotes. They may have prices listed right on their website, but more likely than not you will have to contact them for a quote. Keep in mind that prices listed on the site may not accurately reflect their current pricing or the cost of the services you want done. Not all service charges may be listed in the site, and there may be additional charges you are not aware of, so it’s best to get a quote by phone or email, if you can. Yes, that takes a lot of work, but you get accurate rates and a better idea of how the different cleaning companies compare.

Prices don’t tell the whole story, though. The cheaper companies may not offer the best services, and the more expensive ones don’t necessary offer higher quality service just because they cost more. You need to take the information you garnered from the reviews and combine it with what the prices tell you about the company to come to a decision as to which company will offer you the best deal.

Ask Some Questions

You’ve done the basic footwork to find some decent choices, and now you have to get into the nitty-gritty of comparing cleaning companies. You will need to contact the company directly and get them to talk to you on the phone. You need a list of questions to ask that will help you learn more about the company and whether they are right for you or not.

You should ask how they perform various cleaning tasks. If they give you generic cleaning solutions for everything, then you can probably surmise that they won’t customize their cleaning methods for your particular needs. Every house and place of business has its own special cleaning need, and the company that does the cleaning needs to be versatile and adaptive to provide the very best cleaning service possible.

You should also ask about their schedule and when they will be available to provide you with cleaning. If you plan to have them come and clean on a regular basis, then you need to ask about that kind of arrangement and what it would entail. Not all cleaning services will work with your schedule, and they may only want to come at times that are not convenient for you.

Once you have asked your questions and done your research, you should have a good idea of which company you want to go with. Look closely at your options and consider how they will be able to meet your needs. You likely have a budget in mind and a standard of cleanliness you want your house or business to adhere to. You’ll have to pick the cleaning company that can meet those needs for you, and that isn’t always an easy choice. If you have followed the steps we have laid out here, though, then you should be able to find the best cleaning services that Calgary has to offer.


An increasing number of homeowners are choosing to hire home cleaning services to care for their home. If you have never used a service like this, then you may be curious as to what it entails, how it will affect you and what kind of changes you will have to make to permit this kind of service in our home. We are going to cover all that for you in this short guide to home cleaning services.

Your Schedule

The biggest question many people have about home cleaning services is how they will work with the homeowner’s schedule. Will the cleaners need the homeowner present when they clean? What do they do about their home security system when cleaners are in the house alone?

For most cleaning services, the homeowner will not need to be present. You may want to show the cleaners around the house the first time so they know where everything is and what they are expected to clean. After that, you can simply make yourself scarce and leave the rest to them. They can always call you if they have any questions.

Cleaning services are used to locking up after themselves and working around your home security system. Just give them the access codes for the security system or turn it off for the day they will be there. You can leave them a key to lock the house back up and have them store the key in a safe peace when they leave. You don’t have to move your schedule around to accommodate the cleaning service. They can work with yours and come on days that are convenient for you, during hours that work with your schedule.

What Will They Clean?

Most cleaning services will clean anything you ask them to. They can clean any room in the house, and some of them will even clean garages, attics and basements, if you request it. They can do just at any cleaning task- scrub the oven out, wash the dishes, take out the trash, do the laundry, mop the floors, vacuum the carpets, dust the furniture and just about anything else that you can think of. It’s a good idea to talk to the cleaning service about what kind of cleaning methods they use and what services they offer before you hire them. You want to ensure you are both on the same page and that you are not just assuming they will clean what you want in the way you want. Many of them will be happy to work with you to clean how you would like them to.

What if I’m Not Happy with the Cleaning Services?

The majority of cleaning services offer a money-back guarantee or a service guarantee. The money-back guarantee means that they will refund your money if you are not happy with the work they did. The service guarantee is more common and means that they will come back and clean again for you if you are not happy with how the house looks after they are finished. Usually, they will return on the next business day to make it right for you, and they will not charge for that additional cleaning. Services like these are looking to build up their reputation or maintain a good reputation with their customers. They get more businesses people speak well of them and write good reviews, so they will do everything they can to make their customers happy. If you see something that you are not happy with when they are finished, be sure to let them know. Most of them will do everything they can to correct any mistake that they made. Mistakes will happen and things will be overlooked from time to time, and solutions are built into their business model for instances just like that.

Regular Cleaning

You can have the cleaning service come back and clean your home every week or every month if you like. A lot of them have regular cleaning sessions set up with their clients, and they may have to work around their schedule to fit you in, but they should be willing to work with you on a recurring basis. You can set up a time that you want them to come that works for both of you, and then you can change that time as necessary to fit your changing schedule. The service will understand that things happen and you can’t always have them clean at the same time every week or maybe you can’t afford to pay them one week. Just communicate with them and let them know to keep a good working relationship going.

If you hire them for regular cleaning, you may be able to enjoy some discounts on the service they offer, as they tend to treat regular customers with extra care and special rates.

How Long Will It Take?

How long the cleaning service spends at your house depends on what your budget is and what kind of cleaning you want them to do. Most of them work by the hour, so you can hire them to come for an hour or two and have them get done as much as possible in that time. You can also request that they do a full set of cleaning services no matter how long it takes and then pay them for however long they spent doing that.

Hourly rates are very common in this industry, though, so you can set your budget by how many hours you expect them to come clean for you. In general, people hire cleaning services to come to their house for two hours at a time, but your cleaning needs may be greater, and you’ll have to decide for yourself how long you need them to come each time. You can vary the time they clean with each session, as necessary. It’s completely up to you how long they stay for and what they clean. Cleaning services are made to accommodate you, so you don’t have to worry about a lot of the details and how it will all work out. You can decide on what you want cleaned, how long the cleaning will be for and how much cleaning you have room for in your budget.


Have you ever considered hiring a professional to come to your home and clean it? There are probably times where you thought at the housework was too much for you and times where you didn’t get everything done you wanted to get done around the house. We’re going to look at some reasons why hiring a maid service is a really good idea. You might just change your mind at the notion after reading some of these.

A Cleaner House

Are you unsatisfied with the way your house looks after you clean it? A lot of people are, but they have just learned to live with it. They realize that they will never get their dishes as clean as they would like, and the stains in the couches and floors will never come out with the kind of cleaning methods they use.

That can all change, though, when you hire a professional maid service. Professionals use cleaners you may not have access to, and they know how to get rid of any kind stain or grime, making your furniture, carpets, floors and home look like new again. They can bring out the shine in anything, and you won’t have to scrub and scrub to get your home looking beautiful.

Their cleaning methods will simply be more effective, and you’ll be able to have a sense of pride in every last corner of your house. You won’t have to close off rooms when visitors come or move furniture around to hide spots on the floor that you could never clean properly. Stop being embarrassed about your home and have a maid service spruce it up for you.

Save Time

If you are like a lot of people, you may do housecleaning at the expense of other things you want to do or need to do. You might not get as much work done at your job because you have a large house or a lot of kids in the house, and that means you have to do more work to keep things looking nice. You might not have the free time you would like to watch your favourite shows or spend time with your family, because you are too busy cleaning. You should be able to enjoy your time and be able to make time for the things you care about, and if housecleaning is keeping you back from that, then you will want to consider hiring a maid service.

The professionals can clean your home faster than you can and give you more time for yourself. If you are finding yourself short on time these days, then this may be the best way to get back some of that time. It can be tiring and time-consuming to keep your house clean, and getting a break from that can be one of the best decisions you ever make. Just consider all of the extra time you will have to work with and how much more of your life you will be able to enjoy. Your time is valuable, so why would you want to spend so much of it cleaning?

Save Money

Obviously, hiring a cleaning service is going to cost you more than it would to clean for yourself. You could save money in the long run with a cleaning service, though. First of all, having someone else do the cleaning for you can give you more time to earn money. This is especially true if you work at home. You may spend a lot of your day keeping henhouse clean and having someone else take care of that gives you more time to get things done that actually earn money for you. A cleaner house is also a house that is less likely to need repairs, and you can save money that way as well.

You’ll probably find a number of ways that you save money when you hire a professional maid service, and many of them won’t be apparent right away, but the benefits are numerous. The initial cost may be a drawback for you, but if you find an affordable cleaning service, you can actually save more money than you spend.

Reduce Stress

A lot of homeowners stress over all the work they have to do. They fret that the won’t have tome to finish everything and that they just aren’t getting done what they want to get done. They worry they aren’t cleaning their house enough get rid of pests or to keep mould out of their home.

If you hand those cleaning duties over to a professional maid service, then the stress can just disappear. We all have things we stress about in today’s world. It seems like we live far more stressful lives than our parents and their parents did. One way to cope with some other stress and reduce the spruce in our life is to let someone else do the housecleaning. That means that a lot of the things you worry about and wonder if you will be able to clean properly will be someone else’s to take care of. You’ll still have to oversee to ensure things are done the way you want them to be, but if you hire a cleaning service you trust, and you find a maid service that you feel comfortable using again and again, that is going to get rid of a lot of stress in your life.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to hire a professional maid service. These are just a few of the reasons people opt for this kind of service in their home or business, and you may find a few more good reasons once you hire one for yourself. You might have never given much thought to using professionals to clean for you, but we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference it makes in your life and how beneficial it can be for you. Before you dismiss out of hand the notion of hiring professionals to clean for you, read through this list and consider if it might be the right choice for you.


Many of us get used to living in a messy apartment or condo. Some people simply have their own messes they make and are comfortable in them. Maybe you don’t have the time to clean up after yourself or get your homes looking as clean as you would like. There are many reasons why your apartment isn’t always spic and span, and it may benefit from a cleaning service from time to time.

We’re going to look at some of the best reasons to hire a cleaning service for your apartment. You may have reasons of your own or you might look at our list and start thinking about why you should give this kind of service a try.

Give Yourself a Break

You work hard, taking care of your family and holding up a career. Even if you are the one parent who stays at home while the other works, you need a break too sometimes. Your responsibilities and your workload can feel overwhelming, and it’s nice to have that time off from those things to just relax and let someone else take care of chores for you. The laundry, garbage, scrubbing, mopping and dusting can all become a bit much, so having professionals come and do those things for you can be a huge boon. You might enjoy the break so much that you don’t want to go back to doing the house cleaning on your own anymore.

This is also a chance to get your house cleaned when you go away for a while. Perhaps you are going on vacation or on a business trip and you want to come back to a clean house. You can have a break from all that work that piles up while you are away and just hire a cleaning service to take care of things for you. Don’t look at it as you shirking your responsibilities but rather a way for your to enjoy some well-deserved time off.

Experience Professional Cleaning

There are times when you don’t necessarily need the break from cleaning but you do need that professional touch. Perhaps you are getting your apartment ready for you to move out and you want it to look tis best. You want to make sure that you get your security deposit back, and only a professional cleaning will give you the peace of mind about that.

Maybe you are having some friends or family over and you don’t have time to do all the cleaning or you just want the place looking extra good. Hiring professionals to clean your apartment or condo for you can give it that spotlessly clean touch that you could not achieve on your own due to a lack of time, expertise or quality cleaning tools. Having professional cleaners come and take care of things for you for a day or two can make a huge difference and give your home a fresh, clean look you might not have experienced since you moved in. It can reinvigorate your home and give it a pleasant appearance that makes it a nicer place to live.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to have your home professionally cleaned. You may just want to live in an apartment that looks spotless, and this can be an excellent way to achieve that.

Manage Your Time

Not everyone has the time to spend cleaning their home. Maybe that is a problem you run into on a regular basis. Perhaps you just have a busy week and don’t have time to make things look as nice as you would like. Many people hire maid cleaning services on weeks they are planning a wedding or have a lot going on at work. There will be times in your life when things just start to pile up on you and you feel like you don’t have time to get all chores done that you need to. That’s when you should consider getting some help, and professional cleaners can take some of the workload off of you and let you focus on the things that are important in your life. You have to consider your priorities, and house cleaning is something that you can hire someone else to do every once in a while. There may be more important things that require your attention, and cleaning your apartment may not be very high on your list. Having someone else do it for you can give you the opportunity to get everything done that you are supposed to and not feel guilty that you let the housework pile up.

Keep a Cleaner Home

Many people spend a few weeks every summer cleaning their homes, making them look spotless from top to bottom. Spring cleaning can be a lot of work and take time out of your schedule that you just don’t have. Instead of putting all of that on yourself, you can hire a cleaning service to take care of the work for you. They may be able to clean more thoroughly than you, and you don’t have to take up your spring with housework.

Just hiring professional to clean your home for you every once in a while makes your home cleaner. It gives you less cleaning to do each week and each day. It also ensures that your home is cleaner and more sanitary. That’s going to keep the bug population down and keep your home free of pests. Your family will also be safer, as they should experience fewer allergic symptoms and be able to breathe easier.

Your guests will appreciate a home that smells, looks and feels cleaner, and you’ll enjoy coming home to an apartment that looks spotless. Consider hiring a cleaning service regularly to keep your home cleaner and to give yourself a lot less work to do. The difference in how clean and pleasant your home is to live in can make the expense well worth it.