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September 13, 2017
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Does it seem like you spend a lot of time cleaning your shower? You may be getting rid of mould, scrubbing at soap scum and drying up water on a regular basis. If that is the case, then you could benefit from a few shower cleaning tips.

Get Rid of Soap Scum

One of the worst shower cleaning duties is taking care of the accumulated soap scum that has built up over time. It may be on the walls, around the rim of the tub and even on the faucet and shower handles. It often takes a lot of scrubbing to get that soap scum off, especially if it has built up over a long period o time.

The best way to cut through the scum is to use a putty knife which we do at Diamond Cleaning. It will probably take you half as long to clean up the scum as you would be using a scrubbing pad. In the future, you may want to switch to a gel or liquid soap of some kind to greatly reduce shower scum. This will cut down your cleaning time tremendously, and you may find that you prefer it to traditional bath soap.

Reduce Mould

The biggest cause of mould in the shower is excess water pooling. If you have any leaks from the shower, then they need to be repaired right away. If there is water pooling anywhere, then you ought to dry it up as soon as you see it. One of the better ways to prevent excess water in the bathroom and the shower is to use a shower liner that rests inside the shower. This keeps water from dripping out onto the floor and the outside of the shower. You want to get one that tis easy to clean, that you can just scrub off with a simple wipe and some cleaning solution. Look for shower liners and shower curtains that are designed to resist mould and be easy to clean when you are making your purchase. This is included in our power washing service.

Clean Mould

When dealing with mould, you have to realize that simply wiping it way may not be enough to ensure that it does not come back. You may not be getting rid of the microscopic mould spores, and those can grow new mould over time. You need to completely eliminate the mould, and that often means removing water sources and using a fungicide to eradicate any mould spores.

Clean More Often

You will actually spend less time cleaning if you clean every week as opposed to cleaning each month. The scum and mould that you struggle with will come off easier of it hasn’t been there very long. So instead of spending hours cleaning each month, you only spend a few minutes cleaning each week. The more often you clean, the easier grime and scum will be to get rid of, so if you are struggling to keep the shower clean, you may want to increase the frequency of your cleaning.

Check out more tips about keeping your house clean and let us know if you want a professional service done.

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