Challenge: Spring Cleaning– Just A Few Days Will Change Your Home!

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November 25, 2018
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March 19, 2019

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be stressful and it does not have to take weeks to complete. You can challenge yourself to meet certain goals each day and get all the cleaning done you want in as little as six days. Here is our guide to spring cleaning your house in less than a week.

First Day

Start by cleaning in the toughest place in the house. Once you do that, you will feel like you can get anything done. We suggest the kitchen as your starting point. Use degreaser and warm water to soak tough to clean areas and come back and finish cleaning them later as the water or degreaser works its magic.

Day Two

On this day, you want to ease up on the cleaning and take things slower. Go for a less stressful room, such as the dining room. You want to clean your table and chairs thoroughly, using appropriate cleaners for whatever surface you are dealing with. You also need to clean the floors thoroughly, sweeping up any debris, scrubbing out the gunk and getting rid of any food particles that are stuck anywhere.

Day Three

It’s back to the tough stuff this day, and we recommend going with the bedroom for your project this day. Clean your bedroom so that you can get restful sleep at night with less dust to bother you. Clean all the bedding and curtains, just putting them into the washer as you clean the rest of the room. Be sure to clean all the way under the bed, behind the dressers and even take out the clothes in the dresser and pack them back neatly.

Day Four

Now, it is time to tackle the bathroom. This can be quick or time-consuming depending on how big your bathroom is and how dirty it has gotten. You should start with the toilet and shower, using cleaning chemicals to get through the water stains and gunk very quickly and efficiently. You can clean tiles and grout using vinegar and water. Also make sure all hand towels and mats get washed. Clean the mirrors and finish by spraying a citrus scent or other fragrance into the bathroom to leave it smelling nice.

Day Five

Now you can tackle the living room, and you want to focus on dusting here. Get out the dirt in the carpets through vacuuming and clean under and around every surface to really make this room shine.

Day Six

The final day is for whatever room you have left. It could be a child’s bedroom, an attic, a basement or even your patio or porch. Large houses may take more days to clean, or you may want to double up on some days and do all bedrooms at the same time. Just focusing on one room at a time, though, will make the work seem less overwhelming and help you complete this challenge without stressing out too much.

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