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One of the best ways to keep pests out of your house is to clean properly. The right cleaning methods can drastically reduce the amount of bed bugs, roaches, flies, mosquitos and other pests in your home ad even prevent them from coming into your home in the first place. We are going to show you some of these techniques, so you can put them to good use in your own home. You can also hire a professional house cleaning company.

Clean Out of the Way Places

The places you are most likely to overlook in your regular house cleaning are also the places that pets like to hide out in. You may not be too keen on cleaning under your appliances, behind your furniture or inside your cupboards, but those are favourite hiding spots of all sorts of insects. Think about the places in our house that don’t usually get cleaned. There may even be some of them that you dread cleaning because you are afraid of what you might find. It’s a good idea to clean in those places every month or so to ensure that pests don’t find them attractive. You can also use sprays or essential oils that smell nice for you but not for bugs. Many strong scents are unwelcoming for bugs of all kinds, so even using air fresheners can make a difference as to whether pests are hiding out in the various rooms of your house.

You should plan to clean certain parts of your home on a semi-regular bias. You may sweep the floors every day or every other day and vacuum every week, bit how often do you clean under your couches? Plan to do some of the less pleasant and more out of the way cleaning at least twice a month, as that will make it difficult for pests to hide there. That also ensures that you clean up food that may have fallen in places you don’t normally look, and you’ll be getting rid of food sources that pests can use to stay alive.

Clean with Hot Water

As you do your laundry and clean your dishes, you may not realize the kind of pests you are encountering. Any dishes you clean that have been hiding in the back of your cupboard may be home to some pests’ eggs. You can kill those with hot water and detergent. Your bed sheets and other fabrics that you clean may be hiding bed bugs, silverfish or other pets as well, and you can kill these off using hot water as well.

You may have heard that using hot water is a good way to get rid of bed bugs. It’s a cleaning method you should use regularly just to ensure that these pests don’t get a foothold in your home. If you make your house undesirable to pests and kill their eggs at every opportunity, you can keep the pest population in your home to a minimum.

If you don’t clean your dirty clothes very often, then it’s a good idea to use hot water on them as well. Any laundry that you only do occasionally should be treated with hot water to kill pests and germs and to keep your home much healthier.

Regular Cleaning Makes a Huge Difference

How often do you clean your house? When you clean, do you do a thorough job, or do you just clean up the obvious things? The answers to these questions determine how clean your house likely is right now and how appealing it is for pests. You want a home that is clean in both the places you frequent and the places where you don’t spend much time. The pests are likely to hide out in those areas where you don’t go as much, so keep that in mind as you clean.

The more often you clean and the more thoroughly you clean, the more likely you are to get rid of pests and keep them away. Pests don’t like a lot of movement and light where they live and hang out, so cleaning in those areas will help to get rid of them.
You should do some cleaning every day and make sure that all food spills are cleaned up right away. That minimizes the chance that pests can access the food they need to stay in your home. You also want to seal up food containers that are left out and take out the trash regularly to ensure the pests have nothing to live off of. The more frequently you change the trash out, the less likely pests are to hover around it or use it as a breeding ground. Don’t just change out the bag, though. You also want to check the bin itself to see if there are maggots hiding out in the bottom.

Regular cleaning of your floors, counters and mats will help a lot, and you want to pay extra special attention to the kitchen area, as that is where pests are likely to find food sources. You also want to clean up liquid spills and leaks, since they can provide water and breeding grounds for both pests and mould.

Doing some cleaning every day and extra cleaning once a week can add up to create a home that is virtually pest free, but it takes a lot of work and dedication. If you let your trash sit for too long or don’t clean up after a meal, you may find pests in your home the next day, so you have to be vigilant. You don’t have to put down a lot of traps or spray insecticide regularly to keep the pests way. You can do most of your pest prevention just by cleaning normally and ensuring that you don’t neglect any areas of your house when you clean. Remember that those places you forget to clean are the ones when bugs are most likely to be hiding, so you may want to make a detailed checklist of what to clean each week to ensure you don’t forget anything.

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