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August 1, 2018
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Cleaning the inside of the fridge is one of those chores that no one likes to do but that most people begrudgingly admit needs to be done every so often. After all, that’s where you put your food. The outside of the fridge is another matter entirely, and many fridge owners never bother to clean theirs. They they may only clean their fridge’s exterior once it gets really dirty.
The problem with waiting too long to clean the outside of the fridge is that you may not realize the how it brings down your kitchen’s appeal. A clean kitchen is so much more pleasant to spend time in, eat food in and prepare food in. Having a nice, shiny fridge is a big part of that.
We want to to show you how you can clean every part of your fridge’s exterior here in ways that make the work go quickly and yet effectively.
The Wipe Down
You can clean most of your fridge’s exterior with a simple wiping down. You can take some wet wipes, some antibacterial wipes or even a rag and some water and simply wipe down the entire surface of the fridge. You’ll be focusing on the front and sides with this cleaning method and be sure that you clean from top to bottom. That will save you some work and keep you from cleaning areas more than once. Be sure that your cloth or rag stays clean as you work, so you may need to get new wiping cloths or wash your rag partway through the wipe down. You don’t want to rub dirt and grime all over parts that you are trying to clean, after all.
There may be some spots that won’t come out with a simple wipe down, and in those cases, you can use a bleach gel pen or a soft scrubbing pad to get those marks out. Using a little dish soap with the scrubbing pad can help remove stains and marks easier. Only use soft tools to clean your fridge, as something rough and abrasive can scratch it.
Cleaning Underneath
The worst part of cleaning a fridge’s outside is cleaning underneath it. All sorts of nasty stuff can collect there, and it’s tough to move the fridge sometimes if it is weighed down.
You want to start by unplugging the fridge. It is a bad idea to move this appliance when it is plugged in. You also want to empty any trays that might be in the back of the fridge. Some fridges have a water retention tray in the back that needs to be emptied every now and then, and you’ll make a mess if you try to move the fridge before cleaning the tout.
It may help to empty the fridge before you try to move it, and it’s not a good idea to move it by yourself. Ensure everything is cleared off the top before you attempt to move it, as those items can fall on your head. Then simply move the fridge to a spot that gives you enough space to clean where the fridge was before. You will probably need to clean use a broom or a mop. It may surprise you to see some of the things that rolled under your fridge. If you use anything wet to clean under the fridge, be sure to clean that liquid up when you are done. Trapped liquid can cause mould and decay and may attract pests.
Be sure to clean thoroughly, as you don’t want to leave anything there that may start to smell bad later. If there are any stains on the floor, be sure to address them with a bleach pen or a soft scrubbing pad. Depending on the kind of floors you have, you may be able to use something more abrasive, such as a metal scrubbing pad.
Cleaning behind the Fridge
Hopefully, you moved your fridge into a spot where it is easy to clean behind it. Now, there are lots of different fridges out there with different backs. Some of them have rows of wires back there that can be tough to clean between. Just do your best and consider using a dust rag or feather duster to get into those places that are hard to reach.
As we mentioned earlier, there may be a water retention tray that needs to be cleaned out. You can empty that and clean it as you would a dish, then place it back where it goes.
There isn’t much else to cleaning the backside of your fridge. If you have a plain back on your fridge, you can just wipe it down like you did the front. It’s not sch a big deal to clean this part of your fridge, though. Just make sure all the electrical components are clean and free of dust to keep them working well for a long time.
Putting Things back
Once you are finish cleaning, it is time to put everything back where it was before. Once again, be careful as you move the fridge. You don’t want to damage anything, and you want to set it back gently so as not to scratch the floor or damage the components on the bottom of the fridge. The more things you empty out of the fridge before moving it, the easier this step becomes. Most fridges are fairly light once you get all the trays and food out from inside.
You should clean the outside of your fridge every month or so to keep the pests away and to keep it looking nice. It doesn’t take a lot of expensive tools or complicated cleaning processes to make your fridge’s outside look great, but it can take some time to move it around and clean all the different sides. Once you do though, you’ll have a nicer, brighter looking kitchen and a more welcoming fridge.

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