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September 14, 2018
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Most people think they do a pretty good job when they clean their house. When you clean, you probably get the visible dirt and grime, clean the things that don’t smell very good and make your house look presentable. However, there could be some things you are overlooking. We want to talk to you for a few moments about the unsanitary things you leave behind. These things that go unnoticed are likely to cause allergic reactions or give germs a place to grow and remain. You can eliminate these problems from your home as you clean, but only if you are aware of them.

Clean behind and under

We tend to clean the things we see and the things that are obvious to us. The kitchen floor may be cleaned up to a point, but when do you clean behind the fridge or under the microwave? Do we ever clean behind the toaster? Just because we don’t see it does not mean that it is not there and that it won’t become a problem later.

These parts of your kitchen and the rest of your house that are not being cleaned are a great place for food particles to sit. You might not know about the food that rolled under the fridge or the crumbs sitting behind your toaster. These food particles attract roaches, ants and other pests, making your kitchen unsanitary. The most important room of the house to keep clean is often the most overlooked, because we simply do not clean behind, under and around the things are a bit difficult to move.

You don’t have to clean behind your fridge and under your microwave every time you clean in your kitchen, but you should clean those areas every so often. You might be surprised at what you will find in those places, and you will make quite a difference in how clean your kitchen and your house is. Just making one room of the house markedly cleaner can drastically cut down on allergic reactions and bug infestations in your home.

Kill Germs when You Clean

As you clean in your home, do you simply wipe surfaces down, or do you sanitize them? That is an important distinction. Using a wet rag will make most surfaces look clean, but it won’t kill any bacteria. If you use very hot water, that is going to kill some germs, and if you use dish soap or some other cleaner, then the chemicals will get rid of further bacteria, but there is probably still some bacteria hiding in plain sight. You can’t see it because it is so small, but you can definitely be affected by it.
Instead of using a wet rag to clean your kitchen counters, your toilet and your shower, you could opt for sanitizing wipes. There are all sorts of these products available in different scents and varieties. Look for declaration on the label that say that they kill 99% of the germs or something like that. Using tools like disinfecting wipes will make a big difference in how much bacteria is hiding on your home’s surfaces.

You want to use the same effective method for cleaning your floors too. Use a cleaning solution that will kill bacteria and not just something to make the floors shiny. Even when you vacuum, you can have that kind of positive effect on the bacteria levels in your home. Using hypoallergenic vacuum cleaner supplies will get rid of most germs rather than simply sucking them up.
The tools you use have a huge impact on how clean your home really is. The rooms of your house may look clean but not really be safe for infants or small children or those with health problems. Wouldn’t you like to have a home that is safe at even the microscopic level? You can if you use the right equipment. Look for cleaning supplies that target bacteria rather than simply products that make your work easier.

Cleaning Your Tools

How clean is your cleaning equipment? You use it to scrub, dust, sweep and wipe down the dirtiest surfaces in our home, so your cleaning tools are going to naturally accumulate some nastiness on them. You might not think too much about how clean your tools are and how you might be spreading germs and dirt from one place to another rather than cleaning like you ought to be.
How effective will your cleaning efforts really be if you are simply moving the dirt around from one place to another and transferring germs from one room to the next? You have to keep your cleaning tools looking nice and free from dirt and germs. In order to do that, you have to clean the cleaning tools.

Bang out the broom outside, rinse out the mop in clean water, and soak the scrubbing pads in very hot water and soap. Do these little cleaning tasks before you start cleaning your house to ensure that you aren’t simply moving dirt around. You also want to clean your tools periodically during the cleaning process. Once you clean a room, you can clean off your tools before you move to the next room. That way, you are less likely to spread germs and cross contaminate. The more often you clean tour tools, the cleaner your house will really be and the more effective your cleaning will be. You are going to be able to clean far faster and efficiently if you use clean tools, so take the time to sanitize them whenever you have the chance.

You also don’t want to leave your tools with dirt and germs on them after you are done cleaning. Take a few minutes to sanitize them before you pack them away to ensure that germs are not hanging out in your house. Doing this small thing will make a big difference in how clean your house really is and the kind of diseases and infections you have to deal with.

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