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August 23, 2018
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August 28, 2018

Some of the worst rooms in the house are often the rooms where your kids sleep and play. That means that these rooms are prone to mold growth, pests, awful odors and other problems. Cleaning them can be a real chore, but we have some tips to help you out.

Start by Removing Clutter

You won’t know what kind of cleaning you will have to do until you get rid of the biggest messes in this room. The floor needs to be cleaned of clothes and toys, if your kids are prone to leaving them there. You can get your kids a toy box and clothes basket to help deal with the mess. These can be simple, cheap plastic containers that hold their clothes or toys, and just having a place to put everything can clear up a lot of space and make it easier to clean the room effectively.

Anything that is taking up a lot of space on the floor and getting in the way of your cleaning and seeing the whole room will need to be removed. You may even want to remove some of the lighter furniture, such as desks, chairs, bean bags and other items that can clutter a room and make it hard to clean properly.

Cleaning the Floors

Most kids’ rooms have carpet, and you can get most carpets clean with a simple vacuuming. For the stains and tougher grime and deep-seated dirt, you may need to use professional cleaning services. If the carpet is worn in places, you may want to consider moving furniture to that spot and covering up that part of the carpet in other ways. Be sure to take your time with the vacuuming, though, as you want to get out all the dirt that is deep down in the carpet fibers to ensure that your kids are breathing easier and have a clean environment in which to spend their time.

For hardwood floors or tiled floors, you can simply use the appropriate cleaners. Even tough stains can be removed with some common cleaners on hard floors, but consider using wax or sealant to keep the floor looking spotless after you clean it.

For stuck-on gum, you can use a scraping tool or even a butter knife. If the gum is not coming off, you can use some ice on it to harden and freeze it. Then it should be easier to get rid of.

Cleans Windows to Bring in Light

You also want to get the windows clean, and we have a variety of tips on how to do that. This is an overlooked part of cleaning in many kids’ rooms, simply because the windows are not usually something that kids will dirty up. You want to look inside the windowsill and frame of the window, though, as you might find dead bugs, mold and grime there that needs to be removed. Also, simply wiping down the windows with some glass cleaner and clean towel will bring more light into the room and make it far cheerier. Dirty windows can block a lot of natural light and make rooms feel dark and oppressive, but allowing sunlight to flood in fully will have a positive impact on the room.

If the room feels too dark even with clean windows, then you may want to change out the curtains with something lighter and more translucent to let in some more light.

Change Out the Bedding

One of the biggest ways to have an impact on the cleanliness of your kid’s room is to clean their bed. The blanket and sheets may look clean, but they can be harboring all sorts of dirt, allergens, pests and other substances. You can help your kids to breathe easier and live healthier by cleaning their bedding on a regular basis. You’ll want to wash the sheets in hot water, if your kid has any allergies to dust or pets. This will kill microscopic pest eggs on the bedding and make the bedding much safer to sleep on.

You should also clean under the mattress and under the bed while you are at it. These places can collect a lot of dust, and your kid does not have to be allergic to dust mites to be bothered by their presence in their bed. If you want your kids to get better, more restful sleep, then you should definitely give their bed a full cleaning. The dust under their bed can clog their sinuses and give them difficulty in getting a full night’s sleep.

Keep It Organized

If you want to cut down on having to clean the kids’ bedroom so often, then you need to set in place a few things that will help them to stay organized and neat. You can put some rules in a place, such as requiring them to clean their room before they have any free time. You can also add some things to the room to make it easier to organize. Shelves, bookcases, dressers and bins all offer storage space that makes it simple to put things where they go. If your kid has books stacked up on their desk, clothes piled on the floor and toys in every conceivable location, then it is time to consider adding some storage options or helping them change their behavior.

It’s a good idea to label storage boxes, such as one for toys, one for sporting equipment and one for puzzles and board games. That way, your kid can clean up their room faster and not get mixed up about what goes where. The more you can help your kid do on their own, the less work you will have to do when it comes to cleaning.

Look at this room cleaning process as a chance to reorganize the room and make it more appealing for your kid as well as easier to clean. Before you make any major changes to the room such as adding furniture or rearranging furniture, you probably want to talk to your kid about what their preferences are.

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