Great Stress Reducers for the Busy Family

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June 17, 2019
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Keeping stress out of our lives is impossible, but it’s definitely necessary to give ourselves a break from the stress all around us. We can’t simply give up our responsibilities, our jobs and a lot of our day-to-day activities. These are all part of what makes our life something special, but de-stressing should be something we regularly do, and that often involves doing something a bit differently from the routine.

Have a Picnic

I think being outside is one of the best stress relievers. The fresh air, the distance from most of the screens in our life and the sunshine all combine to make for a detoxifying experience and can lead to a memorable time. I think most people would say that many of their most pleasant memories happened while they were outdoors with their families.
If you are going to de-stress, then you need to keep things simple, and a picnic is a great way to relax and have a find time without having to do a bunch of work. Just pack sandwiches or something else that is quick and easy to make.

Watch a Movie Together

Now, I don’t always suggest going to the theatre for families who want to take some stress out of their lives. That can be very stressful, if you have a family with a few different age groups in it. The small children may be a hassle to deal with in a crowded theatre, and the cost of the movie, the travel and the food can all add up to stress you out. Instead, I suggest watching a movie at home. Find something that you can all agree on, or just let the parents pick something they think the kids will like.

Take a Mini Vacation

There are lots of ways to vacation without asking for time off or spending a bunch of money. If you just want to go away for the weekend, then I suggest planning ahead to get everything in order before you leave. You may not have time to prepare for the trip and do your house cleaning too, so you might want to consider hiring a local condo cleaning crew. This can take some of the stress out for you and give you more time to do your planning.

Just a trip to a state park or to a town some distance away can be a lot of fun. Road trips or short plane rides can be enjoyable, as long as you prepare with activities for the kids.

Make a Craft Together

The family that does things together functions better and communicates better. Take time to clear up stressful relationships in your family by spending time working on a project together. This can be a scrapbook, mural, a song or even a cake. Doing some sort of craft as a family helps to get everyone involved and helps the entire family grow closer. You may just have so much fun that you want to make this a regular practice.

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