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August 28, 2018
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September 3, 2018

For every cleaning job, there is a specific tool that is considered the best to use. We aren’t talking about the most popular cleaning methods or tools, as many of those are the wrong things to use. We are talking about what you should be using to clean your home with, and we are going to show you what you should replace many household cleaning solutions with to ensure a cleaner home, fewer germs and a healthier environment for all.


When you dust, you need to use something wet to collect the dust and remove it. Most people will use feather dusters or dry mops to get get rid of dust. Even brooms are used for dust removal, and while these can work in some situations, the most effective away to get rid of dust is to use something wet, such as a wet mop, a wet cloth or wet wipes. These will hold onto the dust, and you can simply rinse them out and use them again.

If you are using a broom or feather duster to get rid of dust, then to clean them, you either have to shake out the dust and let it fly into the air or wash them out, rendering the tools unusable until they dry. Most dry dust removal tools will simply relocate the dust instead of trapping it, so make sure you are using the right too for the job to get rid of dust and make your home cleaner.

Toilet Cleaning

How often do you clean your toilet brush? If you are like most people, then the answer is not often. That means that all the germs and grime from your toilet is collected onto the brush and sitting there to spread around your house and pollute it for a very long time. Toilet brushes are not only rarely cleaned, but they are also difficult to clean properly, which is part of the reason why most people don’t bother.

A better tool to use for cleaning your toilet out is a disposable cleaning tool. Disposable brushes are cheap, and they ensure that you get rid of germs and bacteria rather than letting them sit on your brush in the bathroom. It is always better to remove germs from your house than to simply collect them or relocate them. Use disposable brushes as often as you can to ensure your toilet stays clean and your bathroom looks and smells fresh. You will greatly cut down on bacteria, and you will allow your family to live healthier as a result.

Cleaning Counters and Dishes

What do you use to wipe down counters or clean your dishes with, when you wash dishes by hand? In most cases, it is a sponge, which is great at taking germs and grime off of items but bad at getting rid of those pollutants. Sponges actually hold onto germs and grime very well, making them difficult to clean. Rather than struggle to get yours clean after you use it, you can trade the sponge in for a microfiber cloth. This will cut down on the amount of food particles inside your home. That keeps pests away, and we have other suggestions for keeping pests out of your home, if you are interested.

Using a microfiber cloth is far more sanitary than using a sponge, because you can easily clean it off and get rid of germs rather than absorb them and hold onto them. Simply wash your microfiber cloth off with hot running water or put it in the laundry with your other soiled clothes to get it clean. These are a cheap and effective way of getting your kitchen looking spotless, and you may notice an obvious difference in how nice the kitchen smells and how sanitary your dishes and counters are.

Spray Cleaners

You have to be careful about what cleaning solutions you use to spray windows, clean countertops, get rid of mold and remove dirt. Many of them are very expensive, and you can save money by using homemade cleaners. Many retail cleaners are also made with chemicals that could irritate you or your pets and that could be damaging to the environment. You will want to be careful about what you use and the kind of effect it can have on you and your home. If you make the cleaners on your own, you can save money and control what goes into them, often creating something that is every bit as effective as the name brand cleaners.

Be careful about making cleaners on your own, of course, and follow instructions from trusted sources to ensure you are making something that is both safe and effective. You may need to experiment with a few different cleaning solutions until you settle on one that works for you, but there are lots of recipes for homemade cleaners out there that will help you to be effective and that will enable you to clean in a way that doesn’t pollute the environment or cost you a lot of money. Many of them can be made with stuff you probably already have in your house.

A lot of the tools we are talking about here are household tools that need to be replaced because they simply spread the germs and dirt around rather than get rid of it. That’s a big issue for people who want to keep a clean house and protect themselves and their family from allergens and bacteria. If you use the right tools, you can clean your home easier and feel good about the cleaning you did, knowing it is making a safer environment for everyone to enjoy. There may be other tools you use to clean with besides these that could use replacing as well. Examine tools you commonly use and assess whether they are really getting rid of germs and dirt in your home or just spreading them around or absorbing them. Once you start using the best tools for the job, your cleaning will get easier and you will not have to clean as often.

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