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August 9, 2018
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August 27, 2018

Most people will clean their windows every so often, but how often are you cleaning your windowsills and window tracks? Those forgotten parts of the window can be tough to clean, and they often harbor dead insects and mold, making them unpleasant to deal with. Here are some tips to make the job a whole lot easier for you and to help you keep your house a bit cleaner. You can also hire our domestic cleaners to help you out!

Start by Vacuuming

One of the quickest and most effective ways to get rid of debris that is stuck in the window track is to use a vacuum cleaner. Obviously, you want a long, thin attachment to get down deep in the track. Be careful about vacuuming up water as you clean, as that can make your vacuum cleaner smell bad, and you might want to wipe the track with a dry rag before vacuuming. Using the vacuum cleaner can get rid of many of the dead bugs and other debris hiding there and make the rest of the cleaning process simpler and faster.

No Special Cleaners Required

You can make your own simple cleaning solution for the windowsill and track. Just mix dishwashing liquid (just a couple of drops) with some warm water in a spray bottle. The take a dry cloth and wipe away the cleaning agent as you spray. If the windowsill or track is stained heavily or has a deep buildup, then you can let the cleaning solution sit there for about 30 seconds or so before trying to wipe it away. You don’t have to buy any specialized cleaners for getting rid of the grime and mold around your windows, though. You may have used your window cleaner to do the edges and track before, but that’s not as powerful and effective when it comes to grease and grime that tend to collect in the track or on the sill.

Some Scraping May Be Necessary

If you have some seriously stuck-on or encrusted debris on your windowsill or in the track, then you might want to use a paint scraper or common screwdriver to get rid of it. Scrape gently and use a little cleaning solution to make it easier to get off. Once you are done scraping the debris away, then you want to spray with the cleaning solution to ensure no stains or accumulation are let behind.

Make Use of Disposable Wipes

If your window tracks are not cleaned very often, then they can be really nasty. Instead of trying to clean them with your microfiber cloth and cleaning solution, it can be better to just use some disposable wipes. These already have a detergent on them that makes it easy to get rid of grime and dirt. Then, instead of washing out your cloth every few seconds, you can just toss the wipes in the trash. It’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think to do that before.

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