Top Tips To Keep Your House Clean

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February 3, 2018

Does it seem like no matter how much you clean, your house is always dirty? It may feel like as soon as you turn around there is another mess to deal with, and we have a few tips that can help you keep a neater house and more of your sanity.

Everything in Its Place

The first thing to do to have a cleaner house is to have a more organized house. Buy storage bins for toys and other items that are often scattered about the house. Install shelving or build bookcases to hold shoes, books and other items that need to be accessible and can’t just be thrown in a bin. If everything in your house has a designated place to go and plenty of place to store it, then it won’t be so difficult for everyone who lives there to put things away when they are done. It may seem pointless for them to place things in a designated pile when they are finished with them, so creating proper storage spaces for everything will help. The maids at Diamond Cleaning always keep this in mind when doing their work.

Clean in Parts

If you try to do all your cleaning at one time each week, you will have a messy house most of the week. It may look good the day after you clean, but little by little, it will come apart and there will be a big mess just a few days into the week. The best way to counter this problem is to clean throughout the week. You don’t have to do major cleaning each day. Instead, pick out one day of the week for each room of the house or for each kind of chore. Of course, some things need to be cleaned every day, like removing trash and washing dishes, but a lot of them can be split up over the week to ease your workload.

Have a Routine

Having a routine can have many benefits. Each day, you should have time set aside to do some cleaning. You can do a few things in the morning and a few things in the evening and not feel overwhelmed at the end of the day. You also want to clean as you go, putting things back in their place as you use them. This may take some getting used to, but it will really cut down on the dirtiness of the house. You can also make sure that everyone in the house follows that same rules and picks up after themselves. Tell the children that they can’t go onto to play with something else until they have cleaned up what they were playing with before. Let them know that they can’t play video games until certain chores are done, and so on.

If you can create clean habits for yourself and the family, then the house will stay cleaner longer and there will be less work for everyone to do. Don’t be afraid to split up chores and assign jobs to children and others in the house. If they don’t know how to do those jobs perfectly yet, they will learn with repeated practice.

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