Want a Clean and Organised Work Desk? Try These Tips Every Day!

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The neatness of your work desk can contribute to how efficient and how productive your workday is. If you have trouble keeping your desk neat, then you will have a hard time finding what you need. A disorderly desk also leaves a bad impression on any superiors and co-workers who see it, so you should be taking steps to keep your desk as orderly as possible.
Here are some habits you can develop each day to keep your desk looking its best:

Clean as You Go

Whenever you use something from your desk, put it back where it goes when you are finished. This keeps things looking orderly and it is part of the regular maintenance needed to keep a clean looking desk. It may only take a few extra seconds to put each item back where it goes, but this simple habit will reduce clutter and ensure that you can find items when you need them. A clean desk is less distracting and allows you to get more work done.

Make Essential Items Easy to Reach

There are some items you will use at your work desk that you will need all day long. These may be papers, pens, stamps or other items that are required in your daily work, and you want to keep them within easy reach of where you sit. If you make them hard to access, then you are less likely to put them back where they go when you are done with them and you are going to waste time trying to get to them each time you need them.

Organise Your Supplies

If you use more than one or two writing implements, then you should get a pencil caddie or some other storage device to keep them organised. Storage items collect all your paraphernalia in one place while making them easy to access and reducing clutter. You should have a place for everything on your desk. If you don’t, and you have some items that just kind of float around different areas of your workspace, then you need to purchase a storage container for them or place them inside your desk. When you require everything to have a place, you are developing a habit of neatness and making it more likely that you will put things where they go.
Have a Work System

You should try to do your work in an organised way every day. Start with certain projects in the morning and finish with other projects that don’t need to be done as soon. This way, you know exactly what to do when you get to your desk and you aren’t left fiddling your hands and trying to determine where to start. This creates a system that you can follow each day. With an organised system, you are more likely to keep your desk organised, especially since you know what is coming up next on your docket and you can be prepared for it by having the right items on your desk.

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