Deep Rug and Carpet Cleaning Services in Calgary

While cleaning your own carpets can keep them looking decent most of the time, a professional cleaning is required from time to time. Not only does your carpet’s warranty likely depend on the occasional professional cleaning, but having an expert clean your carpets or rugs is also the best way to prolong their lifespan. You get all the following benefits when you hire our Calgary carpet cleaning service today.

Prolong Your Carpets Life

If you have your carpets professionally cleaned in Calgary every six months to a year, they will look, feel and create a cleaner and more breathable environment and last much longer. You see, in most carpets, there is dirt deep down in the pile that can’t be removed by conventional cleaning methods. Even steam cleaners and vacuums can’t remove dirt and stains that are deep rooted in the carpet. It takes high quality tools to truly and thoroughly cleanse the carpet and make it look like new. We use similar methods in our upholstery cleaning.

That deep-seated dirt creates friction in the carpet every time someone walks across the carpet. Their feet grind the grains of dirt against the carpet fibers, creating holes and thinning the carpet over time. The longer the dirt is allowed to stay deep within the carpet, the sooner the fabric will wear out. Our carpet cleaning team in Calgary will make sure the dirt is removed as soon as possible.

The Process

Our Calgary AB team of carpet cleaners can get rid of that dirt, as well as the stains that have been on your carpets for years. We use state of the art cleaning methods that can handle just about anything. By pre-treating the carpet and providing detailed post treatment spot and stain removal, we can ensure your carpets look their best. We also guarantee that you will be happy with the results.

Diamond Cleaning has experience in cleaning a variety of carpets, and we know the right kind of cleaning solution to use on each carpet type. we also know how to get out stains that conventional cleaners cannot.

Once we have cleaned your carpet for you, it will be much safer for children, the elderly and those who suffer from allergies. When carpets are professionally cleaned, they have a lot of allergens removed. Pollen, dust mites, mold and other irritants can be hiding in your carpets, and our cleaning crew will get rid of those for you, so that you can breathe easier and live healthier. Having your carpets cleaned professionally improves your quality of life. So why not choose our Carpet Cleaning Options in Calgary?


  • Using natural detergents that prevent allergies
  • Safe for pets and children
  • We can come the same day or in an emergency in Calgary Alberta
  • Always suitable for your specific fabric type
  • Industrial equipment that can get rid of 99% of pollutants and germs

Your carpets are an investment, and to protect that investment you should have them cleaned by a professional every so often. You can call us for a one-time cleaning or schedule regular cleaning throughout the year. Those who have pets or children in the home should have their carpets professionally cleaned more often, and we can provide protection for your carpet that keeps it looking cleaner for longer. Ask us about our add-on services that protect against odors and stains.

We can clean carpets of any size, including commercial size carpets. We have a reputation for fast, effective service with great results, so contact us today to get a quote on our carpet cleaning in Calgary.


When can you come?

We’re available to arrive the same day if need be. You can also book months in advance.

Should I move furniture?

Our technicians can move small furniture for you, but big furniture should be moved before we get there.

Can I walk on the carpet after its just been cleaned?

It depends on the method, for steam cleaning, you can walk on it after 3-7 hours. For dry cleaning, its fine to walk on it immediately.

What else can I combine with carpet cleaning?

It would be a good idea to also add end of lease cleaning or pressure cleaning to get a total touch up of the house inside and out.