Diamond’s Duct Cleaning & Furnace Cleaning in Calgary

Your home could be housing pounds of dust in its vents. If they have not been professionally cleaned by a furnace cleaning company in Calgary in a while, then that dust can just circulate and recirculate. As dust moves through the building, it creates breathing problems, even for those who don’t have allergies. It can create flu-like symptoms and even help pollen, dust mites and other irritants to spread more easily.

Most Calgary homeowners and business owners do not have their ducts or furnaces cleaned often enough, which results in not only a lower air quality, but also a degradation of their cooling and heating systems. The investment that goes into these expensive systems can be lost if dust and other debris is allowed to accumulate. Their presence can wear down the HVAC system, making it work harder and causing the vents to be clogged up with dust and dirt.

Our furnace cleaning service in Calgary can ensure that your ducts are thoroughly cleaned, and our team of trained professionals can handle any duct system, no matter how large it may be. We work quickly and effectively, remove dust deep inside the ducts, where conventional cleaning tools can’t reach. Most homeowners and even some cleaning services will only clean the vents but not get inside the ducts themselves. Our team goes deep to ensure that as much dust as possible is removed and that your ducts are as clean as when they were first installed.

Having your ducts cleaned by a professional Calgary furnace cleaning service on a regular basis will protect you from a few different hazards. You will be less likely experience a fire in your HVAC system, or anywhere in your house or business, since we will be cleaning up lint and dust that can accumulate and serve as an excellent fire starter. Lint from your drying machine can get into the ducts and serve as kindling for fires, or it can clog up electrical outlets and other electrical components, becoming a fire hazard. We can get rid of all that for you, making your home safer and your air quality better.

We use environmentally-friendly and allergy-friendly cleaning methods. Your home will be so much cleaner when we are through, and allergy sufferers, young children, the elderly and the infirm will enjoy a better quality of life. They are the ones who are most likely to be affected psychically by dirty ducts, and we protect them by providing a thorough cleaning.

So, how do you know if it is time to clean your ducts? Maybe you don’t remember the last time they were cleaned. Well, you should look out for dirty vent covers, a lot of dust floating around in your home or settled on your furniture, a straining HVAC system or one that requires more energy to operate and dark lines on the walls near the vents. You should also have the furnace cleaned anytime you have had construction done in the building.


  • Significantly Reduced risk of allergies
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Less need for future repairs
  • Control odor & dust count

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Do you do commercial ventilation systems?

If you’re getting this done for your office or some other type of business then be sure to check our Calgary janitorial services to get a better combination deal.

My main unit is on the roof, is that okay?

Sure, as long as the place is one story only!

How often should you get your ducts or furnace cleaned if you have a home or business in Calgary?

Once a year is the ideal ratio between cost and benefit.