End of Lease Cleaning in Calgary That You Need

It’s important that your end of lease cleaning be done right. If you want your security deposit back, then you have make sure that the apartment or house is spotless. Even if you maintained the property fairly well while you lived there, you may be surprised by some of the problems your landlord finds when surveying the place.

There are likely to be cleanliness issues that you didn’t notice that the landlord specifically looks for. It takes a skilled professional, many times, to get an apartment as clean as it needs to be to meet the approval of the landlord. Your landlord may be looking for an excuse to hold on to that deposit, and you don’t want to take your chances on getting that money back.

Our end of lease cleaning in Calgary is affordable and are guaranteed to provide you with your best chance of receiving your deposit. We can’t promise that your landlord will return your money and be happy with how the apartment looks, but we can promise to give your place the best possible cleaning so that your chances are better than they would be with any other method.

We provide a thorough cleaning that leaves no corner, no cubbyhole and no space uncleaned. Our team will go systematically through the apartment and assess what needs to be done before getting to the cleaning. From hard floors and carpets, to ovens and mold and unpleasant smells, we can handle it all. We have extensive experience in helping other clients with their end of lease cleaning, and we have a track record of positive results for our customers. We are committed to providing the best cleaning possible, and we will bring that same level of commitment to each of our customers.

So, what does an end-of-lease cleaning entail? It depends on the apartment we are cleaning. Many of them have unique challenges for us to deal with, but in general, we clean every room of the house, from top to bottom, including the bathroom and kitchen and even the windows. We pay special attention to areas that seem to have been neglected, and we get rid of all stains we find and even clean the ducts and heating and cooling system.

If there are any appliances being left on the property, such as stoves, refrigerators, microwaves or washing machines, we clean all of them thoroughly, including the back and underside.

We know what landlords are looking for in a cleaned apartment, and we can deliver a cleaning service like no other. Sure, you could do the cleaning yourself, but for an affordable price, you can have the professionals come in and do the hard work for you and give you a better chance of getting that deposit back.

Let us handle the stress of an end of lease cleaning for you. As you get ready to relocate to another place, you probably have plenty of other things on your mind and other tasks you need to get done. Trust us to make your apartment look great for you.

If you’re looking specifically for a move in move out cleaning or perhaps for airbnb cleaning for when a guest leaves then visit our service page to find more info.