Book a High Standard Pressure Washing in Calgary

Over time, dirt, grime, debris, oils and pollution can accumulate on your property, taking that once new-looking area and turning it into something much less appealing. This is why you may need pressure washing from time to time. If your commercial property doesn’t look its best, and the built-up dirt and grime causes it to look run down, that can hurt your business. It can make your location less appealing for consumers, and they may judge the quality of your goods or services by how the property exterior looks.

This is true of residential properties as well. If there are dirty streaks on the outside of your house, if your driveway is filled with small sticks and leaves or your porch has a greasy buildup, then your home won’t look as inviting as it could. You can fix that with professional pressure cleaning.

Diamond Cleaning Calgary will come to your location and provide powerful cleaning for your property. Using industrial strength hoses, they can remove dirty buildup, wash away leaves, sticks, soot and debris and make your property look its very best. You might be amazed at the difference a good washing can make. If you need indoor cleaning done, then check out our hard floor cleaning.

This isn’t the same level of washing our would get with a garden hose. That only provides a decent spraying force, which means that some of the tougher accumulations are going to stay right there. Oils, grease and encrusted dirt may not be affected by a garden hose washing, and it often takes some real scrubbing or a pressure washing to get rid of those accumulations.

We have experience in cleaning a wide variety of properties, and we know what it takes to make them look their best and to get rid of some of the toughest buildups a property can experience. We can even provide professional carpet cleaning, oven cleaning and duct cleaning.

We provide regular cleaning services for our customers, and many of them ask us to come back every month or so to maintain their property. We can schedule regular cleaning for you or simply provide a one-off service. Some clients choose to maintain their property themselves after we provide a pressure washing, since it is easier to keep away the dirt and debris after a washing has thoroughly cleansed the property.

No matter what kind of property you have, we can handle the pressure washing duties. We service schools, government buildings, retailers, residential properties and more, and we have the tools and experience to take care of your property as well.

We will work with your schedule, finding time that is convenient for you and make your driveways, sidewalks, porches, patios, siding and entire property look its very best. We do more than pressure washing, though. If you need any other cleaning service for your property, we likely provide it, so contact us today to find out how we can help you maintain your home, business or other location. You will be glad you chose us as your high quality cleaning service, because we have a reputation for providing customers with great results.


Does this leave any marks behind?

You might see some temporary marks as the pressure cleaning is really powerful and will make it noticeable compared to any unwashed areas. However, this will even out over time. Don’t worry because this technique doesn’t do any damage.

If I do exterior cleaning, are my windows in danger?

No, the water won’t be strong enough to break glass. We’re also insured in case anything happens.

Is it a good idea to use this service for garden furniture?

It’s perfectly safe on any type of furniture. Just let us know ahead of time!