Upholstery Cleaning in Calgary by Diamond Cleaning

A lot of the germs in your home could make their way onto your upholstery. They can get into the fibers and stain, pollute, irritate or make the upholstery look dirty. Over time, dirty upholstery will wear faster than clean furniture will, meaning that you will lose out on your investment. Our professional upholstery cleaning service in Calgary will refresh your mattress, sofa and chair upholstery.

If you have pets or children in your home, then your upholstery is going to get dirtier even faster. They will track in all sorts of pollen, mold, dirt, liquids and other harmful substances onto your upholstery without even realizing it.

These become irritants that allergy sufferers will have trouble dealing with. Even those who don’t have allergies may experience breathing difficulties or flu-like symptoms when they are around your dirtied furniture.

Now, you can use a lot of different methods to try to get that upholstered furniture clean, but it can be a really hit or miss affair when you do the work yourself. Vacuums, sprays and cleaning solutions are often only dealing with the surface dirt and stains, and they may not be able to handle the deeper-seated or tougher stuff. Only a professional can do that kind of deep cleaning, getting rid of stains that have been there for years and removing dirt that conventional cleaning can’t. In fact, some of the cleaning methods you use could be harming your furniture.

Our team of skilled Calgary upholstery cleaners come to your home, assess what your upholstered furniture needs to be cleaned and then clean it thoroughly and efficiently, all while saving you time and money. Think of the savings you could enjoy if your upholstery were to last for years longer than what you are used to. Think of how much time you can save in cleaning if the upholstery is protected by our powerful upholstery protector solution that repels dirt and stains. Your furniture will last longer, look better and feel gentler to the touch.

Diamond Cleaning Calgary can handle any kind of upholstery, be it synthetic or natural fibers. They know what kind of cleaning solution to use to be gentle on your upholstery but tough on stains and dirt. Once our cleaners are through with your furniture, it will look like new again, smelling fresh and feeling incredible.

We can tailor our cleaning methods to your needs. If you have small children or elderly people in your home who are sensitive to certain chemicals or to chemical residue, then we can use specialized cleaners made from natural components that will be tolerable for them. We provide eco-friendly cleaning solutions as well, for those who want to protect the environment but still enjoy clean furniture in Calgary.

We can even eliminate doors and freshen up your furniture or mattress. We know you’ll be happy with our wide range of services we offer, like commercial cleaning and window washing, as well as the results we provide. That’s why we stand behind the work we do and guarantee every job to your satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule a Calgary upholstery cleaning service for your home or workplace. You’ll save money and enjoy cleaner furniture.


How long will it take for the upholstery to dry?

It shouldn’t take more than 2 – 4 hours depending on the method. Dry upholstery cleaning in Calgary will be ready immediately.

What if my upholstery gets damaged?

We’re always careful with your precious items.

Do you clean mat leather upholstery?

No because this is very fragile and often cannot be properly cleaned with equipment without damage.

What are some other services to combine with this?

It would be a great idea to combine specialized Calgary mattress cleaning or carpet cleaning with this because they are so similar to upholstery especially since they use the same type of steam or dry cleaning. It’ll be a good idea to add after builders cleaning if you’re moving residences.